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Turnaround Conditioning Spray

This 5-in-1 luxurious leave-in conditioning spray is both a wearable treatment and an instant beautifier.  It brings suppleness and elasticity to dehydrated hair, eases away tangles and gets active inside the follicle to accelerate new growth. Can also be used while on-the-go to instantly transform a dry, frizzy appearance. Formulation includes Vitamin B, Marula Oil, Keratin and a unique growth-accelerating complex.

Why we love it: 

This perfectly formulated conditioning spray has more benefits than we can fit on the page! Comb-through manageability and vitality for wash ‘n wear curls; rich nutrition and hydration for brittle and chemically treated hair; growth stimulation and strength for thinning hair, and UV and styling protection for outdoors and blow drying. But our favourite benefit is that it can be used daily to instantly transform dryness and frizz for busy, on-the-go lifestyles. 

What our customers say

When I am in a rush this is the one. Wherever I go this one would be right beside me in my handbag as my life is such a rush this is easy to just spray and refresh my hair while on the go. I feel like a bunch of flowers walking around after I’ve used it.Gay-lee Gaffley

I use it especially when blow drying my hair. Makes my hair feel soft and it does not frizz so much.Deidre Adams

I used it on my daughter who has 4c, low porosity hair I think it worked better for hair. It absorbed and made her hair soft.Mpumi Mgidi

I carry this with me in my handbag so I can spritz my hair midday when I feel it is needed. I love how my hair gets a midday lift of moisture and it smells refreshing too.Nicolle Petersen

 It really does soften and detangle my hair and it smells great is an added bonus.Elana Palmer

The smell is great. The product is light-weight and non-greasy. My hair loves the product. It really helps with moisturizing and detangling.Charne Adams


  • For wash 'n wear: scrunch into damp hair 
  • As a leave-In conditioner: use on damp hair, distributing very generously from scalp to tip – can be massaged well into the scalp for added scalp health and growth acceleration benefits; work through gently with fingers or with a wide-toothed comb
  • On-the go:  Spray and scrunch into dry hair to instantly moisturise and transform dry and frizzy appearance. 
  • Sunny days: Smooths post-swim hair and provides protection from the heat.