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GROWTH SHAMPOOOfficially my new favourite shampoo, it manages to be gentle on your hair while leaving your hair feeling clean and smelling great

OILS OF ORIGINLOVE LOVE LOVE I use this every day and it has improved the overall appearance of my hair so much

TURNAROUND CONDITIONING SPRAYLike the Oil of Origin, this stuff is AAMAZING, it is perfect to get a few more days out of a hair style, it is light, smells great and does not cause a build up. 



TRANSITIONS:Big fan of the thick texture for frizzier hair like mine. The scalp enjoys the tingly sensation and I notice a marked difference after using this treatment.

 MAXIMUM GROWTH AND TOTAL ROOT RECOVERY: The nozzles are excellent for ease of access to the scalp. I like that there is no strong smell as it is a leave-in treatment. My scalp seems clearer and surprisingly free of build up. 

 OILS OF ORIGIN:This product is definitely my favourite. The blend is original and does not have a strong smell, making it excellent for sealing “wash and go”.



REPLENISHING GROWTH CONDITIONER: It has just the right amount of slip. Hair is nourished and it assisted with it's elasticity.

 TRANSITIONS:Love, love, love the smell! It has a just the right consistency for deep conditioning and packaging is just perfect. It assisted in the vitality of my hair.

OILS OF ORIGIN:My hair loves it as a sealant and for massaging the scalp. It is fast-absorbing and doesn't weigh the hair down.



I find the smell of the products to be very pleasant. It is very light and not overwhelming. Also does not have a chemical smell like some products . The conditioner has great slip.

It works well for my hair and allows me to achieve lots of volume, my hair seems thicker and seems to be growing.



I love each product. I've been using the shampoo and conditioner once or twice a week and I love the feel it gives my hair, soft and smooth no tangles. I've been using the oils of origin, maximum growth and total root recovery almost every day! I love how soft and manageable it makes my hair feel. My absolute favourite is the transitions treatment that I've been using once or twice a week! It makes my hair so soft and i love the tingling feeling it gives my scalp. I feel that the treatment really moisturizes my hair and defines my curls after each use…... I definitely see GROWTH in my hair as well as volume. 



Overall the product range is great!

TRANSITIONS:I love this product! It really left my hair feeling strengthened. It seem as though the product is working. I definitely noticed a decrease in hair breakage post using this product.

OILS OF ORIGIN:Another winner in my eyes! I love the nose applicator! It makes it so easy to apply to the scalp. It smells amazing & it feels like velvet! Amazing!
It's great on my hair! And a little goes a long way! I could loc my hair & not have to worry about refreshing for 2 days! That's like a lifetime with my hair. It left my hair feeling & looking soft & amazing! Can I give it a 100? My favourite by far!

TOTAL ROOT RECOVERY:I did notice my hair did feel stronger & definitely grew faster. The product is very soothing on the scalp as well.
MAXIMUM GROWTH:The gel was very soothing on the scalp & I did notice faster growth.